Product review of Danby Premiere 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Danby Premiere 70 Pint Dehumidifier  big 3Humidity is a very serious issue, you must get rid of it as soon as possible for you. The humidity is the cause of the mold and the mildew along with many kinds of the allergies all these diseases are more expensive to cure than to buy a dehumidifier. Get this newly designed Danby Dehumidifier. This is one of the best unit the particular class which removes up to the 70 pints of the moisture in a single day from the are more than 3800 square feet. This particular dehumidifier is perfect for the large basements, large rooms and many other large spaces in your home or office suffering from the humidity problems. All the features of this unit are user friendly and therefore it is an easy to use product.

Auto Control for Humidity

The product comes with an auto control option for the humidity. The unit itself detects the humidity which is present in the air and works accordingly. When the humidity is low the dehumidifier works slowly and uses less energy to remove humidity from the air with the effective working. You can place a remote in your basement and notice the humidity level by staying upstairs or from any feasible location.


The pumps come with the unit when you buy it. The pumps collect the water from the long distances and also it takes the water straightaway into the sink or into the drain. Such working of the pump makes the use of the unit easy. The unit also provides the vertical lift of the 15 feet.


The unit comes with the flexible drain tub which is made up of the plastic. This tub is 20 feet in the size. Due to the larger size, it offers to handle the different applications of draining.

3 Sensors

There is a thermometer with the 3 wireless sensors. This makes it possible to monitor the multiple places from the single convenient area. Also the basement sensor is included with these and moreover, you can also buy more sensors if you want to monitor more places.


The unit is compact in size and light in weight. The light weight and small size of the unit makes it possible for the user to move them from one place to another easily.

User Friendly Controls

All of the main features is that the controlling of the machine is very user friendly. Anyone at home can use this machine without needing of any professional instructions. You can control all the settings through these user friendly controls.

Automatic Working

This machine also has the automatic mode. In this mode, this particular machine starts itself when it notice the humidity and stops when the air is dehumidified.

Soundless Working

The working of the machine is noticeably quiet. The soundless working does not disturb the comfort level of the user.

Energy Efficient

The unit is very energy efficient and spares a lot of cash, which you need to pay for the bill for the electricity.

Pros and Cons


  • Digital Display
  • Simple to Use
  • Energy efficient


  • No built in pump
  • No Remote Control

Customers Review

The customers have given 3.9 out of the 5 stars.


The product is recommended to the customers due to its affordable price. It is a must product for the people who have basements at their homes.